Registration Closes


23 Apr 2024

Registration opens

15 Jul 2024

Registration CloseS

26 Nov – 14 Dec 2024

Preliminaries, Semi-final & Final Rounds

13 Dec 2024

Prize Winners’ Concert

14 Dec 2024

Final for Grand Category & Prize Presentation Ceremony

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Revised rules and regulations for Ensemble Section

All ensemble members must participate in the preliminary round, and all members must be officially registered for the competition. (Revised as of 5 July 2024)

New Prize Category

In this third edition of the Singapore Chinese Music Competition, a new prize – Music Mentor Award is introduced to acknowledge dedicated instructors who have successfully guided a minimum of 5 students to the Finals. Get your students to sign up now!

Registration Closed on 15 July, 5pm 

Thank you for sending in your applications!

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Organised by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the Singapore Chinese Music Competition (SCMC) was previously known as the National Chinese Music Competition. The biennale competition was first organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) in 1998 after the restructuring of the former National Music Competition which was under the auspices of the then Ministry of Culture in 1980s. The 1st edition of SCMC was held in 2020.

The SCMC is integral to the development of young musicians and the enhancement of musical standards in Singapore. Serving as a platform for honing performing skills, discovering new talents, and fostering a lifelong interest in Chinese music, the competition plays a pivotal role in Singapore’s cultural landscape.

An esteemed panel comprising local and international Chinese music veterans is invited to adjudicate the competition, significantly contributing to its reputation as a launchpad for aspiring musicians. Notably, many past winners have transitioned into professional careers, achieving international recognition and contributing to the diversity of Singapore’s music scene.

In line with global music competitions, the SCMC maintains a focus on excellence, mirroring the traditions that have shaped the careers of musicians worldwide. Beyond the competition itself, the SCMC is a key driver in cultivating a robust Chinese music community in Singapore, fostering connections and ensuring a vibrant future for the art form.

As we anticipate the SCMC 2024, we invite participants and enthusiasts to engage in this celebration of musical talent and cultural heritage. The competition remains an instrumental force in shaping the trajectory of Chinese music in Singapore, embodying a commitment to excellence and a legacy of artistic growth.

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